Scares and Screams for Fun

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

I have a deep, abiding love for Halloween. Maybe it comes from growing up with a love for all things related to horror fiction. Maybe it comes from just having an all around interest in the things which scare us as human beings, and the people who live in the society I do. I could also just love dressing up in costumes and getting the opportunity to play. The why doesn’t matter quite as much as the fact that I do love it.

In keeping with my love for Halloween, the fact that I want to go back to having some fun with writing (I’ve spent the last few years writing almost exclusively about things which are deadly serious, and pretty heavy), I’m going to do a series of a few pieces about horror films, Halloween, and the like. My love for horror fiction has also meant an almost encyclopedic knowledge about the history of horror films and a lot of trivia about many of the most popular films in the genre.

I’m going to take some of that love back to it’s roots. One of the first films which I ever developed a near obsessive love for was John Carpenter’s Halloween. I figure I was eleven or twelve the first time I saw it, and it became a touchstone for me. I’ve followed the exploits of Michael Meyers and Laurie Strode through what’s shaping up to be three separate franchises. The first piece in this series is going to be about the incarnations of Laurie Strode and specifically, how the second two incarnations present archetypes of our cultural understanding of trauma.

There’s an idea rolling around in my head about Michael Meyers specifically, why the original film continues to strike a cord despite its age, and why there are still new places to take the character that could be interesting, even if no studio would touch them with a ten foot pole.

I’m also interested in a piece about recent representations of witches and covens, dealing with them as the counterweight to patriarchal power. It’s not a new idea, at all, but like many of the great traditions in horror, it’s often fun to get different takes on it and to have it kept up to date by being revisited as time passes. It’s been around and has been covered as much as it has because it’s always relevant.

For anyone out there who is a casual or obsessive fan of horror, I’m going to make some recommendations along the way too. I thinking of one post I can just update through the next month or so with those.

I’m toying with the idea of trying to put something a little more personal together too, to actually tease out of myself what it is I love about Halloween so much. I’m already pretty sure I have a grasp on what I love about horror fiction, but Halloween is something slightly different, though somewhat related.

So, come along and join the fun if you want. It’d be great to have plenty of feedback and conversations about what other people’s favorites and touchstones are for the Halloween season.

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