Michael Myers, The Shape of Masculinity’s Violence

Michael Myers, Age 6
Loomis tells Sheriff Brackett about his experience as Michael’s psychiatrist.
Tommy Doyle spots The Shape standing on the lawn across the street, watching.
The final 3 minutes of the 1978 Halloween
The Shape, stalking the object of his fixation
Laurie, Linda, Annie (from left to right)
The Shape watching Laurie walk away after seeing her at his childhood home, the moment the fixation sets in.
The Shape watching Laurie and Annie as they walk home.
Laurie as she sees The Shape watching her walk home.
“It’s just a joke.” Until it’s not.
The finale of “Halloween” is in many ways, a recreation of the kinds of domestic violence which happens daily.
The Shape observes Bob’s final moment.
The Shape won’t die.

Tired, weary human. Excavating the geography between trauma, masculinity, mental health, and their social expressions. Anti-racist, anti-sexist. Learning.

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